What are die variety coins?

Die variety coins – types & die variety coin attribution A die variety coin is an alteration to an existing die pattern, that was created by and used within the mint. The die variety coins may be a slight modification to the approved impressions on the working dies that make coins. It’s late in 2022 […]

Types of error coins with photos

How to easily identify each types of error coins with photos. Many examples shown are types of error coins with photos. Types of error coins with photos Planchet Error types of error coins with photos Planchet error coins are focused on issues related to the planchet itself. These planchet error coins may have occurred whether […]

What is machine doubling or mechanical damage?

Why does machine doubling /mechanical damage occur? Machine doubling or mechanical damage is worthless doubling. Machine doubling may occur when the minting press strikes a blank planchet and makes it a coin. Machine doubling is more than likely due to the configuration of the minting press, which is set up by humans. Add in the […]

California Fractional Gold varieties – Arms of California

California Fractional Gold varieties are rare and unique. Shown below is an 1857 California Fractional Gold varieties called “Arms of California”. We will focus on the reverse of this California Fractional Gold variety. California Fractional Gold varieties – 1857 California Gold Charms, Arms of California – Wreath #5 The Arms of California, California Fractional Gold […]

How are off center coins made?

How off center coins are produced Off center coins are typically created when there is a malfunction in the minting press.  When a minting press is producing coins normally without any errors, a planchet is fed onto the anvil die. The collar then surrounds this blank planchet. The hammer die then strikes or squeezes the […]

Amazing struck on wrong planchet major mint error coin!

1976-S Proof Bi-Centennial Kennedy Half Dollar struck on wrong planchet. We recently had the pleasure to purchase and attribute a 1976-S Proof Bi-Centennial Kennedy Half Dollar struck on wrong planchet major mint error coin. This extremely rare Proof Kennedy Half Dollar is certified by PCGS and given a grade of Proof-67 with Deep Cameo properties. […]

Capped Die Major mint error

I have a source within India who I am working with to obtain some World Coin major mint errors. He offered me a lot of five, 25 Paise major mint error coins from India. The lot was not specific on what each coin was. I thought this mint error coin lot was decent in price, […]

Error & Variety Collectors – Join CONECA

A society for error and variety coin collectors   The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA) is a great organization to offer education about coins, error coins and die varieties. CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error […]

Educational Series: What is a Doubled Die?

A Doubled Die is a term in coin collecting used to refer to doubling in the design elements of a coin. Doubled dies can appear as an outline of the design or in extreme cases, having design elements and dates appear twice in an overlapping fashion. Doubled dies can be seen on the Obverse or Reverse of the […]