Amazing 1964 Kennedy Deep Die Cap major mint error coin!

Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64

A rare and excellent example of a major mint error coin.

Die caps on half dollars is rare. It has a higher degree of rarity if the die cap is on a coin of which is a one year type. This is on a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. I have been a major error collector for over 40 years and I have never seen one of these – until now. This major mint error is one of my favorite error coins. I was reluctant to purchase this since the asking price was quite high. But I made the purchase when the price was right. This die cap is valued at over $5,000.00 USD and I can understand why.

Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64
Die Cap – 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64

What are Die Caps? How are capped dies created?

A “normal” minting process:

  • A minting press houses two dies. One die acts as the Anvil die and it stationary.
  • A feeder finger slides a blank planchet into the minting press and it rests on the anvil die
  • As the hammer die is lowered a collar or outside ring holds the planchet in place.
  • The hammer die squeezes the planchet in between the hammer die and the anvil die.
  • The collar is used to keep shape uniformity and to add any reeding around the outer edge.
  • After the coin has been struck, it is ejected and send down a chute and out of the minting press,

When a normal strike turns into a major mint error coin:

  • Die caps are created when the hammer die comes in contact with the planchet and the anvil die.
  • The planchet will adhere to the hammer die and it will not let go.
  • This effect is now known as a “capped die”.
  • For clarity let us say the hammer die is the obverse of the coin. The anvil die is the reverse of the coin.
  • The planchet that is attached to the obverse die will not allow an obverse image to be added to new coins.
  • In effect, the capped die minting press will be creating one-sided coins.
  • The obverse capped die will continue to strike coins.
  • With each strike, the obverse die cap will become thinner.
  • The capped die will begin to create a high rim which will raise around the outer area of the die.
  • The reverse on a die cap is usually blank since it only has contact with blank planchets.
  • Die caps will remain in place until a mint worker clears the error or the die cap breaks away.

What else could go wrong with a capped die?

Uniface strikes, Struck through late stage die caps and Brockage mint errors are possible.

  • When the obverse die is capped a few additional errors might be created.
  • The minting press will continue to strike “one-sided” planchets.
  • These one sided planchets will be called Uniface strikes or one sided coins.
  • When the capped die metal is really thin, struck coins may start to show a mushy version of the obverse die.
  • This is known as “struck through a late stage capped die“. These coins are NOT a true die cap.
  • If there is not a planchet in between the dies and the dies strike, the reverse image can be on the die cap.
  • Should this occur, the obverse die cap has a mirror image of the reverse.
  • This obverse die cap with the mirror image of the reverse now on it strikes coins and creates a Brockage.

Close up photos of this major mint error coin !

Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64
Normal view
Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64
Upside down View
Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64
Side view 1
Die Cap - 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS64
Side View 2

Should we decide to sell this amazing coin, it will be added to the online store.

It will be available at select coin shows that we will attend in 2021 and 2022.

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Questions about this website or about coins in general ?