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Providing the Coin Collecting Community educational numismatic material

We are a Veteran owned home business who serves the community with educational numismatic materials. We focus on educational numismatic material, offering an Educational series here on In the very near future, we hope to expand the amount of educational numismatic material posts that we create. Have a look at some of our latest examples:

To keep our websites active and our educational numismatic material posts going, we are going to provide a link for people to donate to our worthy cause. It will go towards our operating costs and help promote educational numismatic material that we post online, and bring to some of the shows we attend in Virginia.

Help our Educational quest !

Donate to our  educational numismatic material
Donate to our educational numismatic material

The time it takes to produce quality educational numismatic material. Our intent is to teach the collector right the first time. Hopefully we have answered their question, and learning has taken place. The possibility of that question may not arise from anyone that read or listened to our explanation. That is a mission we love to do when it comes to select questions about coins.

While COVID-19 has had its affect on many people, it has given me the time to assess the direction and the mission in which my U.S. Veteran owned, home business was headed. My mind is often assessing the trends and when I find the right opportunity within the numismatic community and silver market, I will attempt to see if the trend will be beneficial.

I believe that I have had too many things happening at once. So the first thing I am doing is offering the coin collectors, clients and customers more on less web sites. I have decommissioned a few web sites and I have decided that two websites for the way ahead is fine.

MintErrors mission will focus on US and World Error Coins and Varieties

The website will house all educational numismatic material that are related to US and World Error Coins and Die Varieties. The majority of the error coin posts will be on this website. Any posts I do on other forums, I will simply offer a link to read them here, reducing the amount of time and potential duplication of effort.

Our goal will be to offer as many error coins as we can on this website as well. This will hopefully become a one stop shop for error coins and die varieties. Potentially, in the future we may open up an auction house, but that will be left up to client and customer feedback. In the near future we will offer more educational numismatic material on this website.

The CONECA mission – to help understand error coins

My mission is to perform the CONECA State Rep duties as best we can at the shows we attend. It really depends on the amount of help we have at these shows. I typically don’t mind helping people with questions about coins in general. But please don’t bring me two dozen or more coins to look over. I can offer to look over the top 5 or 10 or so, time permitting.

For all of the “normal” US coins and silver bullion visit

The Logo
The Logo

When we are actively participating at coin shows, we have to tell the customers and coin collectors that we have both regular US coins and silver bullion along with error coins and varieties as well. I have a superb opportunity to obtain the website name “The Coin Store”, so this will become our flagship name for all coins “normal” and silver bullion purchases. is currently being developed. It will also host a blog area to inform our clients, customers and coin collectors new about the numismatic hobby as well as our intentions. We will also offer online sales of Morgan Silver Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars (primarily 1964), Lincoln Cents, silver bullion and other select merchandise.

You will be able to access the website in very near future.

Our goal is to redesign the website and repurpose some of the blog posts. Once that is complete, we will engage in preparing the website for our coin collecting community.

Our Mission continues to grow

As of the beginning of August 2021, we are making great progress stocking coins into the two online stores. Our focus has always been to educate and we do that by selling merchandise to offset the cost of table fees, hotel and transportation fees.

We typically attend the Tidewater coin club show at the Virginia Beach convention center as well as the Virginia Numismatic Association (VNA) coin show in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We hope to have a large amount of inventory available online prior to us attending the upcoming coin shows this fall. If some one decides not to purchase a coin at a show and then decides that they want it, it may be available online. If not ,simply send us an email and we will see what we can do to make the purchase a reality.

We have cancelled all appointments within the home office due to the COVID issue. Our turn around time to pull merchandise from the off-site location may be delayed by a day as we work out the logistics. Shipping times are generally still pretty quick unless we run into a snag at the post office. Normally we ship within 2 business days after receiving funds in full for an order.

We’d like to hear from you – what would YOU like to see more of (coin wise) at coin shows? What are shows lacking? What type of coins do YOU collect?

Please see our error coin shop here: Shop – US and World Major Mint Error Coins and Die Varieties (

Looking for “normal” coins? Please see Shop – US Coins, Silver Bullion and Numismatic products and services –

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