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Mint Errors new look

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I have come full circle with the way I want a coin website to look. I have decided to reinvent the website design using a very popular brand of software to make www.minterrors.org look better. It has the potential to have everything in one location making it easier to manage. I grumble about a maintenance cost at times, but nothing is for free, and over time, www.minterrors.org will be a one stop shop for medium to high Morgan Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars and Lincoln Cents. My goal is to have this website fully operational by January 2018. Do not be surprised to see www.minterrors.org up quicker than that. We have a decent amount of inventory and can offer slight discounts over what is offered over coin shows. The plan for imaging each and every coin is in place. We have a LOT of Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Cents from 1943 to 1982 and imaging these individual coins will be tedious and take some time. This website will offer some pretty detailed photos of each coin for sale. It is a work in progress. I will personally start with the Morgan Dollars, then Move onto the Kennedy Half Dollars followed by the Lincoln Cents.

In the mean time, this site may be up some times, and the old WordPress site might be up more. I want this site to have content that all the major search engines can find, so this version will be live when I am physically working on the new www.minterrors.org site.

Stand by for some awesome content to include a great looking photo gallery. I cannot wait to complete this, and I cannot wait to share it with the coin collector community.

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