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Virginia Beach show October 14-15, 2017

The Virginia Beach Coin show is next up for www.minterrors.org. This show brings a variety of collectors to the oceanfront, and this years' coin show once again is at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

We will be bringing Morgan Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars and Lincoln Cents to the Virginia Beach Coin show. In respect to Morgan Dollars, we will offer some high grade semi-rare Morgan Dollars as well as Proof Like Morgan Dollars, MS65 and MS 64 Morgan Dollars. This show special will be MS64 Morgan Dollars. We aim to step up the rarity and grades we have at the www.MintErrors.org tables, so help us, by helping yourself. We stand by our infamous "WE HAGGLE" sign, but again we are a business and we need to show some profits in our sales, or we mind as well do it all via the internet.

We will have limited area on our tables, but we aim to fit in the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars. We have raw and ANACS slabbed 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars. Our showcase piece of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars is a 1964 Kennedy half Dollar in MS-67. Over 19,000 MS Kennedy Half Dollars have been graded and there are only a couple hundred MS67's out there and we own one of them. As far as I can tell, there is only one higher, an MS-68 graded by ANACS. For those that don't know, though the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is somewhat readily available, it is very tough to find Kennedy Half Dollars in MS65 or higher. Come on by our tables at the Virginia Beach Coin Show and have a look at the MS65, MS66 and the MS67 Kennedy Half Dollars we have for sale.

Lincoln Cents - especially the copper based Lincoln Cents are popular in the collecting hobby. Just about everyone I have talked to has Lincoln Cents or, has collected them in the past. Our goal is to offer as many Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Cents to the customers as possible. We have assembled BU Lincoln Cents from 1944 through the 1960's and hope to continue to offer these at shows. Lincoln Cents in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition are getting up there in price. Most of our raw brilliant uncirculated Lincoln Cents are in the MS63 to MS64 range with some lower and a few higher. Looking at NGC price guides, the BU Lincoln Cents in MS63 to MS64 can fetch close to $10.00 for a single BU specimen. In my opinion, very few dealers offer table space to BU Lincoln Cents. Our goal is to break that mindset and offer collectors competitively priced Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln cents if we have available table space to do so.

Although our name is MintErrors, as you can see from the above writings, we do not carry just error coins. We carry a pretty good variety of "normal" US coins. Along with the US Coins, we offer US coins with errors and die varieties. What is a an error? It's simply a manufacturing error that occurred while the coin was still within the US Mint. There are many types of US Mint errors, and soon I will publish a post on the typical US Mint errors. Die varieties are issues with the dies that make the coin, commonly these are Doubled Die Obverse (DDO), Doubled Die Reverse (DDR), Re-punched Mintmarks (RPM's), Over Mintmarks and Over dates.  I will provide a short description of die varieties and errors soon.

In any event, we will be bringing a wide assortment of Error Coins and Die Varieties. As of late, I have purchased a lot of Off-Center Lincoln Cents, Roosevelt Dimes and a few wrong planchet type coins. We have Doubled Die Obverse (DDO), Doubled Die Reverse (DDR), Re-punched Mintmarks (RPM's), I personally bought a collection of Doubled Dies and RPM's over a year ago and I am still going through the collection pulling out the best to place on the www.minterrors.org tables. Come on by and have a look at the die varieties and errors we will have at the Virginia beach Coin show.

A CONECA state representative for Virginia

CONECA is a great organization to offer education about coins, error coins and die varieties. Become a CONECA member today !

Along with our dealer tables, if a promoter is to offer a free table, I will also be manning the CONECA table. CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Re-punched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers — just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

The CONECA website is:

The CONECA organization has a lot to offer. There is a forum that has some of the best attributors on the CONECA forum. Variety Vista ( www.varietyvista.com) offers an extensive listing, most with photos of error coins, categorized by year, mint mark and coin type. CONECA also sports the CONECA master listing which provides a text listing of each coin attributed and listed with a CONECA number. The master listing typically shows Re-punched mint marks, Doubled die Obverse and doubled die reverse entries. Many of the coins listed in the CONECA master listing show a URS rarity listing, so it helps the collectors know how rare an error coin is, which may help identify a value of the error coin for insurance purposes or a potential agreed upon sale price.

Error Coins are getting a little scarce, and the more you know about an error coin, the better you are prepared when you find one, or if you are looking to buy one. Don’t be a victim of fraud, or be disappointed in a purchase to find out that mechanical doubling is not a true doubled die coin. CONECA representatives exist in many states. You can visit the CONECA website at www.conecaonline.org to find out more info where a state representative will attend a show.

You can join the CONECA society. The cost to join varies, but young adults, Families and individuals will find great value in joining CONECA. If you choose to do so, as part of your membership, you can receive copies of the CONECA bi-monthly magazine called ErrorScope. The articles offer expert advice and tips on how to recognize error coins from across the world. The CONECA Errorscope is sent bimonthly, and that added value alone is worth the yearly fee. You can find out more information about joining CONECA, at the CONECA main website. Click this link to know more about joining CONECA. http://conecaonline.org/content/join.html

Come on by the table. Take a CONECA application. It’s free and you can mail it in at your leisure. We’ll offer a CONECA elongated cent for stopping by the CONECA table, subject to availability.

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