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What is an Error Coin?

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What is an error coin ?

An Error coin is typically are a mistake as a result of the manufacturing process itself, such as off-center strikes, multiple strikes, incorrect planchet size or metals, misaligned die, missing clad layer or other mistake which affects the proper appearance of the coin.

What is an off center strike ?

An off-center coin occurs when the planchet is improperly fed into the striking chamber, and only sits partially on the collar. Since the collar is responsible for holding the planchet in place during striking, only part of the planchet (the part that is over the anvil die) gets struck. The coin is then ejected (providing it is not struck again). An off center strike will show an offsetting of the image on both sides of the coin, and may be misshapen and elongated. Off-center strikes are popular errors and do command a premium based on the percentage off center. Value for these errors increases if the date is intact as well.

What is a multiple struck coin ?

When a blank planchet is fed into the striking chamber, and the collar sets the planchet in place for the hammer die to strike the planchet. Once the coin is struck by the hammer die, the anvil die impression is also transferred onto the other side of the coin. The normmal process is for this one time struck coin to be ejected out of the collar and striking chamber, and eventually be sent down a chute. There are occasions where a malfunction occurs, resulting in a coin receiving multiple strikes on one coin. A multiple struck coin can occur for many reasons, and this coin may result in having multiple types of errors.

An explanation of the following error coins coming soon.

what is an incorrect planchet size or metal coin ?

what is an misaligned die ?

What is a missing clad layer coin ?

This article is a work in progress. We have migrated this post over from our other website and will be adding more data about error coins soon.

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